Longevity Takes a Stand

I recently read an article touting the correlation between leg strength and longevity.  This was something new out there and finally something that supported a long held belief by me.  I have always espoused that muscle strength is a sign of health, not weight lifting or anything excessive, but basic strength to perform everyday tasks.  If lifting laundry out of the washer and into the dryer takes more strength than you have, then barring any severe medical issues there is an atrophy problem.  Sedentary lifestyles perpetuate this weakening of muscles.

I use a simple test to help people gauge their strength.  Simply get yourself down on the ground and try to get up.  If leg and core strength are not adequate to maneuver yourself off the ground, then you have a problem.  Have you seen all those commercials “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up?”, well that is because so many older people fall and do not have that strength to get themselves back upright.  This is an extremely dangerous position to be in.

How can you improve this?  Simply maneuver yourself to where you are sitting or laying on the ground and get back up.  Do this daily and you will be surprised at how quickly you improve.  Try a few stretches or even my favorite exercise planking while you are down there.  Soon you will start feeling stronger and safer.

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