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Exercise For Longevity

Exercise – cue the groaning.  Most people don’t like even the thought of “exercise” regardless of how many times doctors, health “experts”, and all those fitness ads bombard us with the necessity of it.  Exercise, […]

Four Factors of Longevity

Longevity is a subject of increasing concern as we grow older.  We see the dancing centurion on TV or the loving great great grandmother celebrating a milestone birthday with her family and we start wondering […]


Organic/Commercial Strawberries rate the highest on the dirty list for pesticides.  Buy organic or locally sourced where you know what type of farming practices are used. Nutrition They are excellent antioxidants due to their high […]


Organic/Commercial Raspberries fall in the middle for pesticide residue testing.  Organic is best, but if not it is recommended that they are washed with produce wash before eating. Nutrition They are excellent antioxidants due to […]

Get this book and change your life!

You are not “getting old”! That tired feeling you have all the time, the bouts of reflux, the achy cranky feeling you have constantly is not age! It is your body screaming for help. If you just say “well, that’s part of getting older, I say bull hockey. You can be energetic and vital your entire life. While you may slow down, you should feel like living your life, not dying on the couch. If you want your life back you have to take it. This means change, lots of work, and lots of time. No, there is no quick solution. It took you your entire life to abuse your body enough to get to this state, so it will take a lot of effort to heal it. If you are ready to get started and start living – start this detox program today.

Veggie List

Vegetable Shopping List from "Detox While You Eat (6+8)"

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Symptom List

Symptom List from "Detox While You Eat (6+8)"

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